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This is a personal server in the social fediverse.

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This is a great idea and I’m happy to see it implemented.

But also, doing so with a central, corporate proxy service is scary. Other than “trust the brand” why believe that Cloudflare will never sell bypasses to the highest bidder?

I have so many thoughts and questions about this.

The strategy of empowering a nitwit despot just to get SCOTUS stacked in their favor really paid off for the antifederalist anarcho-capitalists today.

Are you still here?

I love karma as a sort of byproduct of progress. It I see “progress studies” emerging from a zeitgeist of fear that progress is ending.

In which I somehow connect Voyager 1 and @stevewozniak:

I can get grumpy about people collecting diagnoses and _othering_ themselves, but they also have this ironic value: helping them find others, which leads to recognizing their normalcy.

It's been a while since this was popular, but we really should be talking about it every day until Elizabeth Warren tells us to stop worrying about it:

Wanna feel old? 2022 was closer to 2021 than it is to 2024. 🤯