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Among other measures, the Dutch parliament is considering banning anti0democratic parties.

This sort of self-policing is of course sensitive and maybe dangerous, but I’m heartened to see the tone of “something must be done about the fascists”.

@socialadmin Waneer

I still think about this post contrasting Apple's “paean to a bygone era of suburban sprawl” to Amazon's integrated urban campus every time I watch a Tim Cook keynote.

GOP states are forcing women to give birth and now outlawing lab-grown meat.

Clearly their endgame is breeding humans for meat.

American Express just let me cancel a card, efficiently and politely, via a text chat session. For two decades they've been surprising me with the sort of customer service we should expect from every company.

Wordle 1,023 5/6*


💩 I do not consider this a legit word

Back in 2011 when Microsoft demoed them, I didn’t see that communication avatars (sorry, “Personas”) would be useful for AR; strapping an iPad to my face was a distant dream. I think I still believe the real value will be in facing emotional states, though.