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Hans Gerwitz

Head of Design at Canonical and King Freret IX

Every word I post here is statistically determined by preceding words.

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New server means a new

Hi, I am a design executive in Europe who started as a backend developer in Missouri.

My life has taken many turns, but I’ve always benefited from the advantage of being a white cishet male who is stereotyped as credible. Hopefully, I leave this planet more equitable than I found it.

I strive to apply critical analysis to everything yet also find solidarity with everyone.

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Among other measures, the Dutch parliament is considering banning anti0democratic parties.

This sort of self-policing is of course sensitive and maybe dangerous, but I’m heartened to see the tone of “something must be done about the fascists”.

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i swear, you could solve public transit in the US if you just got:

- the software people who truly love the field
- to talk to the municipal politics people who are actually doing it for the love of the job
- to talk to the train planning people who are actually doing it for the love of the job and or hobby
- to talk to the physical security and penetration testing people
- to talk to the mining engineers
- so they can then plan and pull off a complicated heist to rob the treasury

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Only 2.5% of the world's population is Nigerian. 🇳🇬

But 33% of the top 100 ranked Scrabble players are Nigerian.

Only 1.3% of the US population is Indian American. 🇮🇳

But 20 of the past 23 spelling bee champs have been South Asian.

British colonizers did this to themselves. 🤷🏿‍♂️

English belongs to us now.

@socialadmin Waneer

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Amsterdam public transport authority GVB quits X, citing the "continuous, mostly anonymous flood of hateful replies and the lack of surveillance thereof by the owner" as the main reason.

"We feel that it's important that everyone feels welcome, safe and respected with us"

I still think about this post contrasting Apple's “paean to a bygone era of suburban sprawl” to Amazon's integrated urban campus every time I watch a Tim Cook keynote.

GOP states are forcing women to give birth and now outlawing lab-grown meat.

Clearly their endgame is breeding humans for meat.

American Express just let me cancel a card, efficiently and politely, via a text chat session. For two decades they've been surprising me with the sort of customer service we should expect from every company.

Wordle 1,023 5/6*


💩 I do not consider this a legit word

Back in 2011 when Microsoft demoed them, I didn’t see that communication avatars (sorry, “Personas”) would be useful for AR; strapping an iPad to my face was a distant dream. I think I still believe the real value will be in facing emotional states, though.

The US has been threatening to leave NATO on its own for some time:

Rutte has some work ahead of him.

The last good April 1 press release was when Ryanair announced child-free flights:

13 years later, I have a media player that could detect what parts of a film I'm paying attention to, and “AI" software that could automate changes in response is on the horizon.

Can we please stop with all the wars and genocides and environmental destruction so 2024 can be the year of “digital sovereignty”?

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Many of the kindest, most compassionate human beings I have met in my life have been punks and goths.

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Dictators doing land grabs always go for the justification that they used to live there. Bitch, I used to live in an apartment on Broadway, but I don't break in whenever I have to piss, so shut the fuck up, and call it what it is.

If the feedback you give is always critical or always affirmative, you’re probably not being constructive.

I’m not certain whether the approach is right, but I love living in a country where “social engineering” to address disparity is on the table.

Every single post on @autism101 is highly relatable and makes me think “but that’s just the human condition”. 🤔

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Nothing more motivating than a royalty statement with a £0 balance 😓

If you're a curious human, please consider buying a copy of my book, Sticky. It's the best thing I've ever written! 🦎

• You can find on all the usual spots - and in store - in hardback and/or paperback.
• It's available as an eBook (Kindle & Kobo)
• And if you like to listen to your science - delivered in an Irish accent - it's also on audiobook (Amazon only) with me narrating it.

Thanks in advance!