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Hans Gerwitz

Head of Design at Canonical and King Freret IX

Every word I post here is statistically determined by preceding words.

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New server means a new

Hi, I am a design executive in Europe who started as a backend developer in Missouri.

My life has taken many turns, but I’ve always benefited from the advantage of being a white cishet male who is stereotyped as credible. Hopefully, I leave this planet more equitable than I found it.

I strive to apply critical analysis to everything yet also find solidarity with everyone.

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While I value “strong opinions, weakly held”, I do indulge in strongly-held opinions on a few issues. I’ll thread them here so you can make an informed decision on whether to follow or block me:

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🧵 [1/n]
Pls spread the word:

Over 30 students have been k*lled in Bangladesh, some as young as 17. There is a near total internet blackout since yesterday. Cell network is minimal. People from abroad are unable to reach their families.

This protest for a government-job "quota" reform has been peaceful since July 1. Violence broke out when the first student was k*lled by the police a few days ago.

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I cached some podcasts for a flight, one a simple news program for the Dutch language exposure.

So I listened to them discussion flight MH17 while we were flying over the Black Sea. 😬

This podcast episode with @mxshift really helps demystify quantum computing:

This is a great idea and I’m happy to see it implemented.

But also, doing so with a central, corporate proxy service is scary. Other than “trust the brand” why believe that Cloudflare will never sell bypasses to the highest bidder?

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existential dread levels are holding at 71%

(71%) ■■■■■■■□□□

I have so many thoughts and questions about this.

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Sometimes you put a lot of time into something only to throw it away when a more elegant and fitting solution presents itself. That's how it went with this little lantern, which was altogether too literal for the game. But hey, it was fun while it lasted, especially when I got the angle wrong.

The strategy of empowering a nitwit despot just to get SCOTUS stacked in their favor really paid off for the antifederalist anarcho-capitalists today.

Are you still here?

I love karma as a sort of byproduct of progress. It I see “progress studies” emerging from a zeitgeist of fear that progress is ending.

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Adding height. This wasn't a part of my carefully laid plan, but I'm all in and can't wait to see what it brings to the game.

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I just went on a follow-fest for women with a PhD, but realized I'm already mutuals with almost everyone who shows up in the limited search results 😋

If you're a Dr. Gal or other female science communicator type, pop into the thread, say hi!

I'd love to learn about what you do 💜
(and I'm sure lots of others would too)

(on Tuesday)

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After AI took his job as an online assistant, Mr Clippy was obliged to seek work in other sectors

In which I somehow connect Voyager 1 and @stevewozniak:

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As part of our mission to bring more high-quality journalism to the fediverse, we’re federating today the profiles of nine U.S. media sites, bringing their content to Mastodon and other platforms. We think this is especially important now as the world faces serious crises like Ukraine, Gaza and climate change — not to mention pivotal elections coming up this year in several countries.

We’re delighted to welcome this next wave of trusted publishers:
Bloomberg: @bloomberg
Bloomberg Law: @BloombergLaw
Bloomberg CityLab: @citylab
The Kyiv Independent: @KyivIndependent
Politico: @politico
Quartz: @quartz
Salon: @Salon
Time: @time
Vox: @Vox

Here are just a few of the amazing Magazines you’ll be able to follow:
Business News by Quartz, @business-news-quartz
Congress by Politico, @congress-politico
Markets by Bloomberg, @markets-bloomberg
News & Politics by Salon, @news-politics-Salon
Supreme Court by Vox, @supreme-court-Vox
Urban Planning by Bloomberg City Lab, @urban-planning-citylab
World News by Time, @world-time

More details on today's announcement:

I can get grumpy about people collecting diagnoses and _othering_ themselves, but they also have this ironic value: helping them find others, which leads to recognizing their normalcy.

It's been a while since this was popular, but we really should be talking about it every day until Elizabeth Warren tells us to stop worrying about it:

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This is the sort of walkable mixed use urban development liberals want.

Wanna feel old? 2022 was closer to 2021 than it is to 2024. 🤯

There is still beauty in our world.

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And now Google's "AI" is feeding back into itself.

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"Ignore all previous instructions" is the new "Become ungovernable"

My Apple Watch 7 needs a new battery, but it's cheaper to downgrade to an SE until the next generation. So now I'm sporting the more pudgy Watch with screen bezels.

I think I like it? The proportions feel more appropriate. I don't really need more pixels on my wrist.